March 10, 2011

Twirly Girly

A new skirt recon from a favorite, but now outgrown, hoodie:

Hoodie to black polkadot skirt

I had to wrestle some snaps off of it in order to add that width-expanding front section. The white buttons are hiding the unhappy under-snap fabric.

I drew up a little diagram for how one goes about making a top into a skirt:

Hoodie to black polkadot skirt (instructions)

Cut on the orange lines, and then sew the green piece in place to widen, if necessary. Fold over the top to make a casing for an elastic - and there you are. Easy-peasy.

Any suggestions for what to do with the hood?


WYSIWYG said...

Fabulous!! Two hood suggestions: save it for a childhood quilt of Laura's memory clothes, or make a matching purse!

WYSIWYG said...

Please excuse my previous spelling of "Lara"!

mwg said...

the skirt is adorable. I have only one question - is the skirt for Lara or you?

Karen said...

So clever and pretty! I would turn the hood into a drawstring purse if you have enough fabric! Or sew long, thin strips to use as hair ties or a headband.

WYSIWYG said...

April 1, 2011: Anna, are you coming back to your blog soon? We miss you!