January 23, 2011

Whither Creativity?

snow over wood chips

It has occurred to me that the creativity has kind of fallen off on this blog in the last months. Fewer and fewer projects, more and more cute pictures of cute small people. Which isn't to say that I don't enjoy chronicling the little underfoot humans around here, but still - why? Some of it is probably the normal ebbs and flows of business, but I think most of it has to do with the season. It's cold and mostly dark, and when the warm throws beckon from the couch it's easier to just curl up and watch TV than produce something.

What do you guys think? Do you have Seasonal Craft-affected Disorder? How do you snap out it?


WYSIWYG said...

I find the opposite: it's fulfilling and cozy to create indoors before the nice weather beckons. (Especially with your new yard!) Picture homemade soup bubbling in the crock pot (requiring creativity, plus aromas wafting through the house), snow falling, and time pausing in your domestic cacoon...The same motivation goes for cleaning before I'm torn between the outdoors and projects...Hope this might help! :-)

smjohnson said...

I've been crafting up a storm. I'm almost finished with a quilt class that I've been taking at Spool on South Street. Then again, I don't have two cute small people to keep track of and I don't start my nursing job for two weeks. I've been trying to get in as much sewing and knitting as possible. Knitting is pretty portable, so I work it into all aspects of life where waiting might be involved. Finding motivation in winter can be hard, though. I'll send creative vibes your way!

WYSIWYG said...

Some more motivational thoughts (sorry--I got on a roll): imagine what kind of birthday party favors/gifts, Mother's/Father's Day gifts, and other holiday decorations/centerpieces you could have fun creating this far ahead of schedule!! Or the meals you could freeze for the future? Why wait?! This is your year--no more grad school! The clock is ticking, girl!! Have FUN and don't forget to post what you dove into!! No pressure, but we're waiting! :-)

Anna said...

It's good to hear this isn't plaguing the rest of you! WYSIWYG, I have of course been cooking - we need to eat after all - but since I keep making the same set of foods, it hasn't felt like I need to document what I make. I did squirrel away about 12 cups of chicken stock today for soups of the future.

WYSIWG said...

My mistake: in my imagined scenario the soup was supposed to be bubbling and wafting in the background as you cozily started a winter project (and the children were playing happily). Of course you've been cooking. Totally my bad. :-)

kara d said...

I like to cruise around the crafty crow website--looking at crafts for kids gets my ball rolling.

You could also get some art friends together for a collaboration. It's always easier for me if I know there's somebody waiting for me to finish.

And then there's the never-fail "pick a color" game. Pick a color at random. For one week, photo only things with that color, start every project with that color, and (bonus round) cook ameal with that color in it. The kids are a fan of this b/c it's like a never-ending game of I-spy.