January 5, 2011

Super Snow Sunday

Lara loves the snow and couldn't be pulled away from making snow fairies, trying to pack the powder into snowballs, and generally having a glorious time. Later, she described the water cycle to me in detail, having extrapolated correctly the whole rain-in-cold-weather-turns-to-snow phenomenon. She's all about science these days. Go ahead, ask her, "What are you made out of?" You know what she'll say? "Elements."

Jakey enjoyed the snow for a dazed half-hour, but then looked around like a man just waking from a dream, and we couldn't help but see the sudden disillusion in his eyes. "It's cold? And wet? Why on earth are we out here?" Since then, sure, he'll point at the stuff and say "soooow", but every offer to touch it is met with a resounding, "NO!"

1 comment:

Jay said...

Eve has the same snow jacket. Plus matching pants. She's easy to find in the snow.