January 26, 2011

A Spoonful of Yummy

You guys, you are awesome. Thanks for the creativity pep talks. I feel like just the act of writing about not having the motivation to make things pushed me to get past the hump a little. I guess that whole first-identify-the-problem step really is important. So far, the creativity has been of the cooking variety - which makes sense, seasonally, right? In this cold dark teatime of the soul, thoughts naturally turn to the comfort of food.

Spicy parsnip soup with turmeric

And nothing is more comforting than hot soup, especially when you - like all of us here - are nursing the dregs of a cold, especially when the soup is thick and rich and so spicy it clears your sinuses with the first bite, and even more especially when the soup turns out to be a delicious solution to the CSA parsnip problem. Topped with a bit of yogurt and some green onions, it rocks. Of course, the kids won't eat it, claiming spice-aversion.

I used the turmeric parsnip soup recipe from Jane Spice, a blog I only just discovered and already totally love. I used cayenne pepper powder instead of chili powder, which worked out just fine, and I used olive oil instead of sunflower oil, also without any problems.