December 21, 2010

Hanukkah Gifts and Clues

Yes, that's right, it was that time of year again - time for the annual clue-la-palooza! This time we went for haiku, which are fun, easy, and fast. For those playing along at home, ready, get set, go!

Cooking tasty dish?
Still needs pungent allium…
Hands too tired to chop.

Cousin with lame clothes?
You helped, bought mozzareppa.
Now you get one too.

Going on a trip?
Off to see the fourth planet?
Tips on what to bring.

Too cold on the couch,
But winter TV beckons.
Snuggle under this!

Slender swaying reeds
Delicate and feminine
Captured on a strand

Now you won’t have trouble
With those pesky princesses –
It’ll guard their tower.

Chicken noodle? Borscht?
Latte? Cappuccino? Tea?
Serve them nice and hot!

Long before striped canes,
Seeing-eye dogs or brail type,
One man sailed the world

Cliff Lee ‘s a Phillie
Jakey may become a fan
Show him the Yankees

If straight copying
Is praise, then what is artful
Mockery? Tough love.

Butterflies are cute
But everybody thinks that
Only we like these

Currently empty
But meant to hold pretty things
Don’t forget water

Answers: 1) gadgety garlic mincer from Williams-Sonoma, 2) an impossible clue about an inside joke... but if you are dying to know, the answer is a shirt from Urban Outfitters, 3) "Packing for Mars", 4) super-soft fuzzy throw, 5) clay necklace from a local artist, 6) a dragon, aka one of the amazing shrinky-dink key chains Lara made for everyone, 7) soup/coffee mugs from Anthropologie, 8) biography of a blind 19th century explorer, aka "A Sense of the World" 9) tickets to Yankee stadium, 10) "The Oxford Book of Parodies", 11) photos of creepy-crawlies, aka "100 Centipedes", 12) Anthropologie vase

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