November 10, 2010

New hat for Jakey

white hat for Jakey

Made from the neck of a turtleneck and a gray knit cord. Handsewn because I cannot figure out how to machine-sew knits without getting a lettuce leaf edge (any tips?). I love it so much I'm making myself a matching one from the body of the same turtleneck!

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Anonymous said...

Tissue paper! Another customer at my local Joann's Fabric suggested using strips of tissue paper, like a "sandwich" - tissue paper strip, fabric pieces, tissue paper strip, and sewing through the whole "sandwich" - and it does work!

On a cotton or cotton blend knit, I've found I can sometimes steam press out most of the "wave" along the stitching. It's mostly a problem with the seams across the knit; seams which follow approximately the grain of the knit don't stretch as much during sewing and so there is less wave.