October 12, 2010

Weekend in Alexandria

Gorgeous, gorgeous few days with my mom. On Saturday we went to Alexandria's old town to look at ducks and boats in the water.

Jakey and his regular enginerding hobby. Give him a few small plastic containers and lids, and he's a happy man.

Lara climbed to the top of this giant anchor all by herself. She may well be the first person in either of our families to be able to climb the rope in gym class. Actually, do they still do that? I'm guessing probably not...

My mom, herding cats. This is the closest we came to a picture of the three of them together. But still, nice field, cute little runners.

It is now almost impossible to take a picture of Lara if she knows the camera is there because her dramactressing immediately takes over. Here we have: surprised, happy, sad, and... shy? It's like one of Howard Schatz's "In Character" photographs!


mwg said...

It was a great week-end, wasn't it? :)

skatebettyT said...

Jakey's side profile is identical to Lara. The first picture posted of him looking to the right was incredible.