August 17, 2010

Weekend in Greenwich

My amazing mom took me away last weekend, and it was the most relaxing two days I could have ever imagined. You guys, Greenwich? Oh, just beyond gorgeous. And not only that - she got me a shmancy new camera too! Which I was very happy to try out on the many, many lovely things we saw.

A rusty chain and crank for the ferry that took us to a tiny beach island in the middle of the Sound.

The island beach. Something about the slightly off colors in this photo reminds me of 60s-era postcards.

A quick photo on the forbidden rocks. Seriously, we got yelled at immediately after taking this because apparently sitting on these rocks is a no-no.

Waiting for the ferry back, I noticed the contrast between the pier and the sunlight playing on the water below it.

Near our hotel was a bridge over this tiny rivulet in the middle of some marshy sand. I love the little island in the middle of the water.

The hotel was right on the water, with some boats docked alongside, and some floating anchored at the end of the little bay.

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mwg said...

Thank you for being such a great company!!! It really was one of best couple of days...

(... now regarding the comment above: is somebody now "spamming" blogs with their advertisements? - pretty ridiculous...)