August 6, 2010

Lara is at it again

Hi world.

So, Lara's been at it again - she's got a new favorite author, I think: Ogden Nash (she could do worse!), and is enjoying his series about Custard the Dragon.

This is a drawing of ... well, Ogden's words are probably better than mine:
"Now, Custard was a flyer of great renown,
He was able to fly while sitting down,
So home he soared with wings a-flap,
And Belinda sitting in his lap."

I'll let you guess which one is Lara's and which was is by the wonderful illustrator, Lynn Munsinger.


mwg said...

wow - that's pretty impressive!

Anonymous said...

That is one fabulous dragon. I think it needs an army of Lara's to slay it.