July 26, 2010

Fairy Princess Knight and Her Sparkle Horse

It's medieval month at the Philadelphia Art Museum's children's program, which of course equals awesomeness. What's cooler than knights and castles and armor and swords? Pretty much nothing. (Oh, and if you haven't checked out all the family stuff they've got going on Sundays, you're totally missing out. Go. Seriously.) Lara made some amazing stuff there this weekend, we worked on it more at home yesterday, and today we learned about the wonders of Photoshop.

Awesome shield and sword + crown and fairy wings = Fairy Princess Knight

fighting face

Fairy Princess Knight + the sparkle horse named Sparkles = Mounted Journey

lara knight & sparkle horse

Mounted Journey + Awesome castle = A Quest to Search for Vanilla Ice Cream for the King of the Castle and Also to Find the Treasure

lara princess knight

Awesome castle - Fairy Princess Knight = A Need for the Army of Royal Protectors

lara army