May 9, 2010

Yay for Moms!

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

Ocean Flow by Ali Herrmann

My lovely family gave me this extraordinary encaustic by Ali Herrmann. It is simply gorgeous - a collage of paper and lunaria seeds, staggered throughout several layers of wax. So pretty on the wall.

Mother's Day is one of the strange holidays that celebrates something that seemingly should be celebrated daily - in this case, motherhood. It's not like a birthday or some other commemoration of a specific day in history, where it matters to get your congrats in on time. Today this odd quality was brought home to me by an email ad that announced that there were still a few hours of daylight left to order a gift certificate for your mom. Which is funny because - well, she'll still be your mom tomorrow, right?

But still, it's nice to be acknowledged. After she saw all the fuss this morning, Lara asked "And will it be Sister's Day tomorrow?"

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Anonymous said...

Lovely collage. Ever since Julius complained one year that there is no Brother's Day, we celebrate Brother's Day midway between his and Philip's birthday.