May 6, 2010

J is for Jakey

You know what has flown by? This past year. I can't believe Jakey is almost 1! When I realized that the big day was coming up, I quickly rustled up some felt to make another one of these. So, here we are - a name book for the little boy:

Page 1 - Cover

J for Jellyfish, with curled ribbon and yarn tendrils:

Page 2 - J for Jellyfish

A for Arrow, with wire and foam arrows and elastic bowstring:

Page 3 - A for Arrow

C for Car, with clouded plastic windows and button wheels:

Page 4 - C for Car

O for Octopus:

Page 5 - O for Octopus

B for Boat, with tree branch mast:

Page 6 - B for Boat

N for Needle, with wire needles and embroidery floss threads:

Page 7 - N for Needle

O for Oven, with braided wire handle:

Page 8 - O for Oven

A for Ant, with fuzzball body segments:

Page 9 - A for Ant

H for House, with foam and button flowers:

Page 10 - H for House

Whew! Now to wrap it in the paper he will undoubtedly enjoy playing with more for a little while!