April 1, 2010

Baby Food Factory

baby food - apple & plum, carrots, sweet potato

Yesterday was baby food production day. Since we are going away for a week, I decided to make a whole bunch of mushies for Jakey all at once. I made so much it ended up filling up every single jar I have in the house! Looking at it all made me feel a little bit like Diane Keaton in Baby Boom. Remember that sweet movie? I just recently watched it again, and it's sort of sad and shocking how completely undated her experience in the corporate world is. Doesn't it feel like we should have moved on from 1987 and should be laughing at the crazy system that disparaged working women with children the same way we laugh at those crazy 80's hairstyles?

From left to right, six jars of plum-apple sauce, one of steamed carrots, two of boiled sweet potatoes. All now in the freezer, ready for their trip to the other side of the country.