April 21, 2010

11 months!

Happy 11th month birthday, little Jakey baby boy!

You are still our happy piece of laughing joy. You have worked out a surprisingly rich communication system of grunts, groans, coos, yelps, bird squeaks, and pointing. You have figured out that the smallest need to yell the loudest. Also, I think I am getting a good sense of how our hominid ancestors developed language.

You love your daddy, cling to your mommy, and are a devoted follower and fan of your sister. You always want to be where the action is, have a fairly high level of disdain for your toys (in favor of any electronic devices that happen to be lying around), and smile and wave at all strangers. You make us laugh, you still wake us up at night, and you are constantly impressing us with your resourcefulness at getting into things.

We love you!

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mwg said...

Happy 11-month B-day!!! We love you so much!!!!