February 25, 2010

Recent Redos

I'm so excited! I actually made some time in the last few days to do some simple alterations in clothes that otherwise never got worn.

I had a big brown dress that I wore preggo a couple of times. Made out of soft fabric? Yay! Giant and sack-like? Boo! Easy fix? Cut a foot off the bottom, sew in a channel, and run a wide elastic through it:

brown shirt from baggy dress

Now it's a totally wearable tunic!

A while ago, Nancy gave me a beautiful flecked red coat from Anthropologie (oh to have infinite money and only ever shop there!). I loved it, loved it, loved it - but it was a bit long for my frame. Finally, I got up the nerve to chop about a foot off the bottom. Now it's a fun car coat length:

shortened red coat

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the extra fabric. I used a piece of the dress and a little piece of leather trim to make myself this hat:

brown hat from baggy dress

It's not too tight, so it won't mush my hair when I wear it. Which is good, because I have the kind of hair that quickly takes on the shape of whatever I put on my head.

Whee! New clothes!


ANI said...

I love the brown tunic - I have a similar dress, and you just gave me an idea on what to do with it!

mwg said...

the car coat and the tunic are very-very pretty and I also loved the modeling job:)!

Anonymous said...

hey! I love the tunic but I wanna say sth :)
I think much longer hair will be more beautiful for you :):)

Dolly said...