January 24, 2010

Lara's Room Redo

Last week there was a mild redoing of Lara's room (soon to be known as "the kids' room", we're hoping).

The art and lighting was changed and upgraded:

Lara's room - bedroom wall (before)

Lara's room - bedroom wall (after)

(New red lamps from IKEA, everything else we already had scattered around the room.)

The table got some much needed shelves to hold all the art supplies:

Lara's room - table shelves (before)

Lara's room - table shelves (after)

(The shelves are leftover bookshelves cut down at Lowe's, wrapped in white contact paper - instant paint job! - with some red brackets from IKEA.)

The mirror was moved to hang on the closet door:

Lara's room - mirror on closet door with Jakey

Jakey approves.

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mwg said...

Jakey approves and so do we...:)