January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Jakey and I drove to Boston with my mom for New Year's, and were feted by my aunt and uncle with some truly extraordinary food.

For New Year's Eve, Tanya roasted a duck - full on amazing:

And for New Year's Day - my uncle Simon's rice pilaf with lamb. You guys, seriously, it was out of control delicious:

Also we got to hang out with my cousin Phil, who I wish I got to see more often if only so that some of the cool factor would rub off.

Oh, and? Jakey is almost crawling. Which means that he is at that stage where he can't really be left alone on the floor since he will scoot and roll and otherwise locomote to somewhere other than where he was put down. But then again, it also means that I've got this face coming towards me:

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Evelyn in Canada said...

He has the most beautiful eyes. I always admire babies with beautiful color - long dark eyelashes, brown eyes, eyebrows and hair! My girls were all basically pigmentless. Bald/blonde, pale skin in desperate need of some sun, and light blue eyes. Beautiful too and I love them, but Jakey is gorgeous. I've loved watching his first few months of life.