December 1, 2009


The more I cook, the more I have learned not to trust my own instinct for how much spice to add to food. Since I always, invariably, err on the side of far too little, my time in the kitchen is mostly spent in overcoming the fear of throwing yet more cayenne into the pot. Intellect over gut, if you will. The endless subduing of the id by the ego.

dinner - falafel (cooking)

All of which is to say - man, I made some really spicy falafel and curried cauliflower for dinner last night!

dinner - falafel with curried cauliflower

The cauliflower went with some faux-sotto made out of barley - and now that I think about it, I guess I should really call it faux-lafel as well, since I neither deep-fried it, nor had any tahini sauce to go with it. Still, delicious.

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Misha said...

It was tasy. Probably tastier than it looks!