November 12, 2009

Sir Drools-A-Lot

Among many delightful things, Jakey is also quite the drooler. I would say "maybe he is teething" - actually, I guess I do frequently say that - but it's been almost six months of drool and no teeth. In fact, the only thing he has to show for it is irritated skin, which is now being made much better with the application of these:

colorful drool bibs for Jakey

A few quickly whipped up bibs. Soft fleece on top, soft jersey on the back, cannibalized tshirt pieces for the ties. I kept waiting for Lara to recognize the fleece fabric and say, "Hey, those are my pants!" like she does with most other things that have been repurposed for Jake, but she seems to be over them.

1 comment:

snarflemarfle said...

Cute bibs!!!

Both of my kids were droolers. In fact, people kept saying my son was teething with all the drool, maybe starting around 4 months. Finally at 15 months he finally got his first tooth...