November 19, 2009

Lara's Mr. Men

You guys know that series of books, right? We have Mr. Tickle at home in book form and Mr. Bump in bandaid form, and I think they have some at school too - and Lara is mildly obsessed with all of them. Recently she drew a bunch of them, and I wanted to share (after scanning in the original guys and insetting them in the drawings to show what she was copying.):

Mr. Men - Mr. Grumpy

I love Mr. Grumpy's tiny green hat.

Mr. Men - Mr. Clumsy

Mr. Men - Mr. Tickle

I love that Mr. Tickle's smile got turned into a frown. I'm thinking Lara is projecting her own feelings about being needlessly tickled there.


Anonymous said...

These are the best ever, and nothing is cuter than her little concentrating face as she draws a little bit of line then glances at the picture to see if she's copying it right; she's the cutest!!!

Karen said...

Very impressive! She's spot-on with these. Thanks for sharing!