October 21, 2009

Jakey Baby

Jakey is five months old today! And he continues being his happy, grinning little self. He smiles very easily, into the face of pretty much every person we come across (to the delight of countless strangers on the street), but laughter is harder to come by. He has a kind of a half-cough half-chortle that is his giggling noise - usually, it's easiest to get him to crack up with tickles, but he sometimes also thinks it's funny when I sing silly songs with his name in them (is it possible he recognizes it already?) or slowly move my face close to his with my eyes wide open. Babies have the best sense of humor, don't they? He loves being talked to and stares with rapt attention to anyone talking.

Let's see... any demerits? Well, he's not nearly the sleeper Lara was at his age, preferring little catnaps throughout the day, and waking up every few hours at night - in a good mood, but still wide awake and ready to party. Every week or so I try to toss him in the air to see if he likes it, but so far it just scares him.

Yay, tiny baby Jakey!


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Congratulations Jakey! You are the cutest and the best! Keep up the good job:)!