September 26, 2009

Sisterly Love

There's been a lot of taking care of Jakey recently in our house - after all, sister knows best and is happy to soothe. Of course, love is frequently followed by irritation, since when Lara gets close to her brother her hair is pretty much irresistible to the little grabby fists. "No, Jakey, you cannot pull my hair! It is not nice!" Lara reprimands him sternly.

I think he's going to keep doing it, though.


This morning Lara told me about her dream for the first time. We've been asking her periodically if she remembers them but until today she didn't. First sleepy words out of her mouth this morning: "Mommy, when I was flying, there were bad seals coming out of their cages and they were going to get my hands. I called you for help, but you were all the way on the other side of the tunnel." Of course our daughter would best remember a nightmare - after all this is the same girl who told me yesterday that "the construction site is just for looking. You can't go on that crane because it's very dangerous and you can fall down and be really hurt!"


Yes, I will actually make some things at some point! Lately though, the creative energy has been mostly going to the unphotographable dissertation. Just imagine a computer screen with lots of words and no pictures.


mwg said...

I loved it as always :)

Linda said...

Jakey has grown so much! From someone admiring from afar, he seems the perfect baby and of course I'm sure it helps to have such an adoring sis.