August 14, 2009

Sesame Place

We spent a really great morning at Sesame Place (an amusement park for kids). It was perfect weather for that sort of thing - very hot, but overcast, so the water rides felt great and we didn't feel like the sun was baking us alive. Lara scaled this crazy tarp mountain,

ate some french fries after a reluctant (read: somewhat screamtastic) encounter with the splashing water slide playground,

and cautiously floated along the gently inner tube river, later revealed to be her favorite ride.

Jakey spent the whole time sleeping in the stroller, but I'm sure he's psyched for next summer, when he'll be able to actually go on the rides!


Also, here are some recent conversations that I think warrant being recorded.

We found a tick on Lara's leg recently (check your kids after they go in the grass!), and she had to get a preventative course of antibiotics.

L: Do you have my medicine?
M: Yes, here is it from the drug store.
L: I need my pink medicine, Daddy! I had a tip bug on my leg. You took the tip bug off with the squeezers and now I need to get some medicine for the bug bite.

A few days later, when we were reading a book, we came across a picture of a mother and daughter walking arm in arm.

L: Look, Mommy, they are married!
A: They are? What does married mean?
L: It's when you can walk with someone or go for a walk together...
A: Oh, I see. Do you know anyone else who is married?
L: I think Mary Poppins got married!

1 comment:

Ebru said...

looks like it was a fun day!!

I am sorry Lara got bitten by a tick, was it a dear thick?

We too found a thick on my daughter Lara's behind the left ear on fathers day, appearently it found my baby in our backyard, but how it managed to climb to the ear i don't know. My hubby and I freaked out and rushed to the emergency room because we have a friend with lyme diesease and we see what she is going thru every day.

Doctors on ER had determined that it was a dog thick not a dear thick so they did not give us any medicine but told us to watch out for any flu like symtoms.

It has been almost 2 months now she developed a pimple like bump where the thick had bite but we think it is because of the petrolum jelly that doctor gave us for the wound. other than that THANK GOD she is fine, I can't tell you how scared I was when I found that tick because of our friend and people are dying from thick bites in my home country.

So this was a lesson for us to check every inch of her body every time she plays outside specially under the toes and behind the ears!