August 9, 2009

Extended Dresses

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with a little girl who grows up and not at all out (she still fits just fine into the waist of pants she was wearing two years ago. They're pretty much shorts now though, of course...

So what to do when clothes get too short, but the next size up are way too wide? Sew some extending bands onto them, of course! Here are two dresses from the last week, now good to go at least until the cold weather is here:

Reconned dresses

I'm not including instructions because it really is about as easy as it looks, especially if it's something that is only meant to last a few months and thus doesn't need perfect seams. (Or at least that's what I tell myself as I rush through the sewing and don't bother to make the seams particularly nice!)


Jay said...

Eve wore size 4 pants as pants and then capris for about 3 years. Now her outgrown stuff is sometimes too tight, and the one dress she'd like to keep wearing has a pleated skirt and shirred bodice and would be beyond my ability to "extend".

Evelyn in Canada said...

I was just thinking that Lara is looking so old lately - not a toddler anymore for sure. I've always loved that brown polka dot dress and I'm happy to see you've found a beautiful way to make it last.

With three girls, those tricks often backfired on me because the younger one would be without my favourites for a while.

Tigermom said...

Boys are tough that way.

I just let the pants get shorter and shorter. Otherwise I would be at the store or online every month.