July 31, 2009

Ms Forty-two roads

It's funny how long I had to ponder the right title for this post - it was going to be about Anna, and she usually calls me "Mr. Forty-two roads." She is the more... mannered, well-read, politically/socially savvy of the two of us, and I usually rely on her to tell me how to address invitations and thank you cards and the like. So, I throw this out there, for those avid readers who are following the blog - if you notice the title before she does, and "Ms Forty-two roads" is better than "Mrs Forty-two roads," please vote now and I'll quickly retract. I'm thinking Ms sounds more polite, but Mrs is more accurate, right? Maybe I should go with future-doctor forty-two roads? But then, I should be Dr. Forty-two roads, and I don't get that... hmm - please, chime in!

[Editors note: At the behest of "spotgirl," the first commenter (thanks spot), the title has been changed to Miss... I will continue to respond to this crude polling tool...]

Anyway, this post is about her. Anna's been doing a great job during a really busy and stressful time, and Jake and Lara are thriving, the house and crafts are great, and she's even progressing (at a fierce rate) on her dissertation. She's pretty amazing, and I just wanted to re-iterate that to you all who probably already know that.

Thanks for listening!
Dr/Mr Forty-two roads.


Spotgirl said...

Hmmm, I think since Forty-Two Roads IS Anna, Ms. seems more correct.

Jay said...

I think she's Ms. Forty-two Roads and you're Mr. Anna :-)

Alex said...

Regarding Dr/Mr, you could transliterate German and be "Mister Doctor Forty-two roads" (or just go with the German Herr Doktor Zweiundvierzig Strasse ;-).

Karen said...

I prefer Ms when I am filling out misc forms for myself. I think Ms is appropriate here for Anna (I only know her through her blog, so I don't know if my opinion carries much weight!).
And yes, Anna seems pretty amazing to me as well!

Misha said...

I am definitely requesting "Herr Doktor Zweiundvierzig Strasse;" thanks all for your comments!