June 29, 2009


I don't have a photo to share today, but I did want to write down the funny doings of the last few days before they are jettisoned by my Swiss cheese memory for good.

Jakey has started smiling at us. Sometimes it's a full-out grin from ear to ear; other times, it's a coy smile that plays only on one side of his mouth. Either way, he is quite delicious. Also, I have figured out that if he is sleepy, I can put him on his tummy on the playmat and he will conk right out (see picture from yesterday). I've decided to call this "tummy time." Yay for a little freedom from having a baby on me 24 hours a day!

Meanwhile, a few days ago: I put Lara to bed and heard nothing from her room for at least a half hour, when suddenly she started calling "Mommy, Mommy, come here!" She had red paint smeared all over her hands (up to the wrists almost), her pj's, and her sheets - like she'd been doing surgery or something. Then I realized that she also had paint on her face. No smears there, though, just very very carefully applied circles on her cheeks and forehead, and a pretty good outline of her lips. "Why do you have paint all over you?" "I was putting on makeup, Mommy, like you and Olivia have on." (Olivia being a book character. Oh, books, always putting ideas into people's heads.) I really wanted to take a picture of her, but then I thought that would send the wrong message about not doing that any more. It was really amazing, though. Impressively funny and creative.

Last night, she went the opposite route. Again after a period of suspicious quiet, I heard "Mommy, come in the bathroom please!" and walked in to find Lara sitting in the bathtub in all her clothes, studiously applying soap to any exposed body parts. "I'm making myself all nice and clean!" And right she was, since the next thing to do was to wash the soap off and congratulate ourselves on the impromptu bath.

Man, kids are funny.

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