June 7, 2009

Lara and Jake Play Together

I love how cute she is with him. Now she calls him "the Jakey baby". As in, "Mommy, can you give the Jakey baby to Daddy and put me in the bath?"

We've now also entered the age of interminable stories. Mostly they are long, extremely detailed recaps of recent events, taking us all the way back to the exact moment of the actual telling of the recap - "and I then I told you about the playground... and then..." - where they kind of end as Lara figures out that nothing since then has happened. But yesterday I wrote down this one:

"A dragon came for the farmer to eat him, and then the farmer was falling down and hurt his butt. Then I put him in the bathtub and his head was in the bathtub too, in the water. Then the farmer ate a hamburger and lived happily ever after and turned into Princess Fiona."

I wish that one came with illustrations.


mwg said...

OMG - the movie was the best ever> So is the story about the farmer turning into Princess Fiona - I wish it could happen to all of us.
Lara was so great with Jake - and he also seems to be taking it
in stride :)

M. B. Karger said...

And suddenly Lara seems so big and so smart. Love these early interactions.

Tigermom said...

Two treasures!