June 24, 2009

Another Momentous Milestone

Misha finally finished residency! Five years is quite a slog, folks - he really deserves some accolades. Also, I decided, he deserves a whole bunch of tiny presents:

Tiny presents

They were really small, most less than an inch, wrapped in scraps of tissue paper, ribbon, and raffia. Inside each was a little piece of paper with a note on it, and I hid them all over the house in places he encounters every morning. There is still one that he hasn't found, as far as I know.


Dancinfairy said...

What a lovely idea.

Lara and Me - Ebru said...

Congratts to Misha on finishing the residency!! :)

and what a great idea of having small gifts :)

as usual nicely done Anna!


Karen said...

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!! A milestone, indeed!
Love your gift hunt idea!

mwg said...

Misha, Huge congrats to Misha and... good luck on finding the last note:)

Hopefully we will hear now from Mr. Forty-two-roads, who had great stories for us as well ...

AnnaVallance said...

Congrats to Misha. And that is such a neat idea.