April 12, 2009


A lovely night, a beautiful seder, and a really fun game of poker to round out the night.

Lara wore her new little dress and the duck sweater that has now become a shrug with three-quarter length sleeves. Have I mentioned that she just learned how to button?

Also that she is a jigsaw puzzle master? She put this whole one together without help. We're buying them by the pound at the rate she is going.

Meanwhile, my multi-talented sister-in-law made all sorts of fancy seder food including this beautiful dessert - stewed berries with mascarpone in a balsamic vinegar reduction:


Jay said...

Mmmm. Sounds yummy and fun, and if you play poker like you play Lexulous, you're probably wealthier tonight.

Jay said...

Oh, and Eve just recently got rid of one of her 4-T sweaters, which she wore as a shrug for years.

Anna said...

Jay - Lol about the shrug. Especially since now every sweater I own has become an ill-fitting shrug (and I refuse to buy maternity clothing just for six weeks!). And actually, I did win the poker game, but sadly we were just playing for chips not cash :) Actually I think I would play worse if real money were involved - I'm so weirded out by/uncomfortable with the idea of gambling.

Unknown said...

Third pregnancy you might relent and buy maternity clothes. That's when I let loose.