March 25, 2009

Mission: Organization

We put together a new Expedit bookshelf for Lara's (and new baby's!) room today:

New Expedit shelf for Lara's room

And, oh my gosh, I cannot even begin to talk about how revolutionary this new shelf is. Seriously. Every toy is up off the floor, and has a new place to go! I'm in organizational heaven. Plus, the old shelves that were in this space are now in the closet, being far more useful. I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like before, but just picture a small over-crowded bookcase with no rhyme or reason to it.

Plus Misha and I had a blast putting this thing together, occasioned mostly by my totally bone-headed - and quite out of character - initial error, which resulted in us having to redrill a few Ikea-made holes to get broken dowel pieces out of them. Also we discovered that we need a mallet, since we ended up doing some wacky improvisational things with some stacking blocks and a hammer. Only 270 shopping days till Hannukah!


ANI said...

Oh, I am so glad you got an Expedit - I have put together every single variation on this bookcase in the past few years, and I can totally sympathize with the complex assembly and need for a mallet! It looks expertly organized...

mwg said...

Because of the clean design, one would never suspect that the assembly would be so laborious. But the result look GREAT!

Tigermom said...

The Expedit is my favorite IKEA item. We have one in our family room too. We got the plastic bins and I taped signs on them of pictures of what is in what bin so my non-readers could find things and put things away.