February 24, 2009

Recent Happenings

Am I the only person who has an issue with Play-Doh? Lara loves this stuff, and I inwardly cringe every time she wants to play with it. I mean, on the one hand, I know I have what is probably an unusual sensory issue with touching things that are mushy or creamy (lotions are a problem, as you can imagine), so there is that. But what I really don't like is that weird smell that stays on your hands after touching Play-Doh - even after you wash them. Is it just me?

The upshot of my distaste is that Lara pretty much only plays with the stuff when someone less squeamish is around. Thanks, mommy!


On an unrelated note, I forgot to post these pictures from Misha's birthday dinner. I made a whole bunch of chocolate-dipped fruit (strawberries, raspberries, bananas, and apples), and it was a big hit with the small person. I think her face speaks for itself!

Oh, and incidentally, making chocolate-dipped fruit is really easy and delicious. It's my go-to dessert if we ever have to bring one to a potluck:

- put ten-twelve squares of dark chocolate (no more than 70%) and a tablespoon of olive oil into a non-plastic bowl
- place bowl into about half an inch of water in a pot on low-medium heat and wait for the chocolate to melt
- wash fruit and dry off any excess water (ideally, wash fruit earlier in the day so it can just dry off by itself - have you ever tried to dry a raspberry?)
- stir chocolate and olive oil, dip fruit, put fruit on wax paper to cool/harden
- don't worry if the first few come out less than attractive - they'll still taste delicious!


Jay said...

Along with the fruit, I've done almonds and big chunks of crystallized ginger. I love the dipped ginger. Mmm.

And no, it's not just you. I have no issue with lotions or touching other squishy stuff (although I hate those slimy squeezy toys, ick). I don't mind the texture of PlayDoh but I really don't like the smell on my hands and no, I can't get if off, either.

Karen said...

My girls received several Play-doh kits for their 3rd birthday recently. Ugh! The smell is horrible and it ends up smooshed into the bottoms of their socks or slippers. I had made it this far with home-made 'doh' but I couldn't compete with the many, super bright colors of the original. Will they outgrow this soon?!?

Renee said...

We recently bought some for my son, and the smell was just as nauseating as I remembered from my childhood. I thought it was only me!

The kind you can make yourself is less stinky because you can add yummy smelling Kool Aid.


geomom said...

um...I kind of like the smell of PlayDoh :-)

Renaissance Mom said...

Play dough is soooo easy to make, and if you add a drop or two of flavoring or essential oils, they smell nice too. I wonder if you could get better and brighter colors if you use that gel (or is it called paste?) coloring that professional cake decorators use. So I guess I have a new project for next week!

bethieee said...

When I was growing up, my mother had a recipe for peanut-butter play dough. It was awesome. Smelled like peanuts, and when I got bored of playing with it, I got to eat it! It's probably not the most hygenic stuff ever, but dirt is important for growing good immune systems, right?
I don't remember the book she got the recipe out of, but I hope she does, I want it.

SMB said...

Ditto on the home made playdough! I've used Wilton gels (buy with a coupon) and the colors are beautiful. The recipies with cream of tartar make the dough last a long time too. And kneading it is a good stress releaser! :)

Cyb said...

I live in Montreal,Quebec, and I know a lot of kids play with Tutti Frutti playdough; each color smells different, banana/yellow, white/coconut, black/licorice, blue/blueberry etc.

Even as a babysitter I use to enjoy playing with the kids with it. The smell is not too empowering and if it dries you add a bit of water and it's back to good. And it was invented by a single mom, the story is kinda cool.

I don't know if it's available in the US though...