February 9, 2009

The here and now

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One of my recent promises to myself is to focus more on mindfulness. I am generally very drawn to the idea of fully absorbing the experiential - it's one of the reasons I really enjoy yoga (but not prenatally, as it turns out... can't wait to pick it up again). I have been intrigued by the practice of meditation, but for some reason it seems too intimidating, like something you need to first read books about before doing.

Mindfulness on the other hand? That's just lingering in the moment, living through the process, having the ability to dismiss distractions just long enough to actively capture the here and now. I can definitely do that, especially since life with children is so consistently filled with interruptions that almost any project you undertake is more process than result. You really have to be able to shift attention away from your vision of the finished product and just accept the beauty of the act of doing. Which, admittedly, is difficult, especially for the slightly more type-A accomplishment-driven folks among us.

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But when it happens, when you will yourself to let it happen, the quiet delight of the everyday is enough for a happy peacefulness.

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Champsleeve said...

I agree completely. Meditating or mindfullness has saved my sanity numerous times. I actually taught my daughter to "meditate" when she was 3 and prone to tantrums. I remember her one time saying "Mommy I keep saying om but it isn't working"!!! I think quiteting the mind is a good skill for everyone to develop.