January 12, 2009

Mr. Forty-Two Roads Makes Dinner


Mmm..... this vegetable lasagna came out as good as it looks. Pretty impressive for trying to make one for the first time! I'm feeling like someone's secret talents are going to mean that someone is going to have cook dinner more often...


Anonymous said...

Hey, it DOES look good - and I don't even like lasagna :)

Giovanna&Roberta said...

Hi Anna!
I'm Roberta, a young italian dressmaker, and a great "follower" of your amazing blog too!
Lara is beautiful and I love your attention to "have a very creative family".
I've recently created with my sister my personal blog (www.lecreazionidigiovannaeroberta.blogspot.com), an easy way to expose all of my handicraft clothes and accessories.
I'd like if you come to visit it, even if it's all in italian and I started to create it only this month!
"Forty-two-roads" is the reason why I decided to have a personal blog.. I hope that our creations, that we realize with great love and devotion, will become our future and job!
I'd like so much to become a member of your "CRAFT BLOGS", just to draw attention to someone!
PS: Congratulations!
Sorry for my english..
And..Your Lasagna look good, maybe I can give you some "italian secret" to prepare a very delicious lasagna!
Thank you,
Roberta & Giovanna.