December 10, 2008

Flowers for me...

...from me.

White peonies at night

Peonies are my favorite flowers, and as soon as I saw these today they were calling my name. It's lovely to get flowers from others, of course, but also quite important to sometimes just give them to yourself. "You've been doing a lot of hard work, Self. Don't think I haven't noticed the effort."

Family flowers perch on the kitchen counter, jostling for space with incoming mail, in progress kitchen prep, and the steady flow of things through daily life. But these flowers are my own private decoration, lightly dusting my immediate space with their softly sweet aroma, sitting on my emptied desk in full view of just me, (the only way that I could notice, for instance, how perfectly they contrast with the starless nighttime behind them).


M. B. Karger said...

How awesome is that? Pretty pretty picture, and your post is poetic. The peonies must have done the trick. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

peonies are my favorite too! The smell is just enchanting, almost exceeded by their beauty!

Karen said...

Peonies are my absolute favorite!! Where on earth did you find them in December?!? We have a couple of bushes in our yard so our house is FILLED with them for the short two weeks or so that they bloom here in the summer.
Enjoy! ...and good for you!