November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving vignette

Autumn sunflowers and pumpkins

Lara picked these flowers out for her daddy on a recent shopping trip. "What color do you think daddy will like?" "Yellow." "Not pink?" "No, daddy likes yellow." By a happy coincidence they went quite nicely with the two pumpkins we seem to have accumulated to mark the season.

This morning, we walked into her classroom and her beloved teacher for the last two years was already there. She and I said good morning, and Lara didn't say anything.
Me: Do you want to say good morning to Miss Ella?
Lara: No!
Me: Why not? Say, "Good morning, Miss Ella!"
Lara: (tucking behind my leg) No, Mommy, I want to be shy.
Meanwhile, any random stranger in our building elevator gets a sprightly, "Hi neighbor! [or sometimes, "Hi man!" or "Hi lady!"] What's your name? My name is Lara."

Three is a good age.

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Bennie said...

It will look great in Thanksgiving party decoration.