November 20, 2008

In full swing

Collage - Lara & Liza

Present making is now in full swing around here. It's really so much fun! I feel like I am constantly forgetting the types of things that are possible to make, and am rediscovering crafts as I study my tiny craft cabinet of supplies.

Speaking of, one of these days I am really going to need a better paper and ephemera organizational system rather than my current stack-them-all-on-top-of-each-other-in-no-particular-order-thus-impossible-to-look-through. Any ideas for a better system?


Ashley said... could you give a quick tute on how you did the project pictured? That's SO cool...

PS - my blog is down for 24 hrs says my hosting service, but I can be reached at too :) Thanks!

cyndyava said...

I use plain old file folders, the kind you would use in a filing cabinet. I organize them by color and/or style. Beautiful collage, by the way.

Anna said...

Hey Ashley,

Thanks so much for the comment! Sadly, since I actually sell these stencil collages and paintings I can't do a tutorial on my process. Trade secrets and all that. The collage itself is mostly japanese paper, with some old newsprint, and the orange line is a piece of rafia. I use Mod Podge to glue them. Hope that helps!

Anna said...


I thought about file folders also, but I have things that are such varied sizes that they wouldn't really fit. I'd love a giant photo album-ish thing where I could slide everything into plastic sleeves and then be able to flip through it. I guess that'll have to wait until we have a giant place to live in which to store this giant photo album :)

Anonymous said...

i love this! -emily