September 18, 2008

Year of Color

Red Inside

For the last two years, I've been admiring the Year of Color flickr group, a photography assignment collection that revolves around a weekly color administered by Amy of happythings, and have finally decided to do something about it. So above, my entry for "Red: Inside", the first theme of this year's Color Inside & Our: A Year of Color 3.

Lara made that print for Valentine's day, and I love everything about it - the heavy smears of the stamp she used, the not-quite-butterfly shape of the layout, the random crinkles in the paper from being rolled up and creased. Below is a Lara collage. In the corner, a luminous glass pear from Murano that is one of my favorite treasures. I have yet to be able to take a decent picture of it, not least because it seems impossible to capture the way the gold flakes folded into its glass layers reflect and refract sunlight. My mom has a lovely coordinating red and blue apple, but I love the pear best.

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AnnaVallance said...

That is a beautiful photo- the posters and that pear. Love it!