August 7, 2008

Light and Shadow

Cut Stencils

I've been wanting for a long time to take a picture of my stencils before the painting process. I keep them rolled up, and the sunlight plays appealingly with the translucent cuts. They could potentially make great lampshades, though I'm not sure what kind of material one should use to limit the risk of setting it on fire.


We are off to Rhode Island for the next few days to go to a wedding. Have a great weekend, everyone!


cyndyava said...

Oh, I'm in awe. Such loveliness and craftsmanship. Enjoy the wedding.

Shelley said...

They would look amazing as a lampshade. You can purchase flame retardent sprays that you can use when you make paper lampshade's. I think even if you did a card shade, with a lovely fabric spray glued on, then cut out your design. You could even then back it with a thin muslin or something to diffuse the light. Spray with the flame retardent and off you go.

I read an interesting book at the library that used lamps from bicycles in the base of a tube like this. No chance of fire then either!

Sorry about the long comment!