June 15, 2008

Amy's House

In San Francisco we've been staying at the beautiful house of Misha's aunt Amy and uncle David, whose amazing sense of style I have always really admired. The house is one of the ornate Victorians that line the streets here, a bright and warm place arrayed with a lifetime's worth of discriminating collecting. Love at first sight for me.

It sits right on top of Dolores Park, a block away from this view:

dolores park view

See the playground in the middle? That's where we've been going in the mornings.

The chair in the entry (and behind it, the amazing embossed wall finish):


To the right of the chair, you can see a bit of the living room - here is the rest:


That pottery collection on the fireplace? All made by Misha's cousin Emily. Em, they are incredible!

Opposite the entry, the gorgeous dining room. Two views of this beauty:

living room

living room 2

A few more shots, in no particular order - the garden, one of the staircases, an apothecary chest in the entry:


stairs 2


You can see why I'm going to really miss it when we go! (And a huge thanks for putting us up, Amy and David!)


Avi said...

I'd move there with you guys.

FeatherBunkle said...

Wow... I always thought that the cool houses like this were only made up fairy tales illustrated by mainstream magazines. Nice!