March 26, 2008

Some doings

So this is what Lara's hair looks like when she wakes up from her nap. Isn't this the wedding hair that everyone tries to create? She's like a Disney princess or something, with magical birds coiffing her before we get her out of the crib.

Anyway, we went to the playground today to do a fashion photo shoot. A few days ago I sewed Lara a little skirt, and today it finally warmed up enough to wear one. It's reconned from a pair of herringbone pants (Lex, remember these?), with a band of green cotton, fully lined with an old tshirt to prevent itchiness.

Reconned toddler skirt

I also made Lara some leggings to go with the skirt. I just used a pair she already had to make some out of the sleeves of an old knit shirt.

Also, a little fashion show from me. I was really excited about my outfit today too!

And finally - how cute are these two? Love 'em!


mwg said...

It really does look like a magazine spread about a very attractive young urban professional family. Thank you - I enjoyed very VERY much. Oh, and the outfits are great - loved the skirt and your tunic. I also liked Misha's new crop - it looks different somehow and very nice.

Mortimer's Mom said...

I don't even know where to start, I want to comment on EVERYTHING!
The hair! My girls would be soooo jealous! Their Chinese hair will never do this, I tried once to curl it with hot rollers, it held less than 30 minutes!
The skirt is to die for! Such clever reuse, and lining, great for warmth and itchyness. I must come up with something like that!
LOVE what you are wearing! I would totally put something like that together. The girls at my store always tell me I looke like Pipi Longstocking because I'm clobbering stuff together to make a "look".
you guys look like a magazine spread indeed!

Trina said...

Hi I found you through Wardrode Refashion. Your daughter is gorgeous and that hair of hers just makes me speechless! I love it.
Great job on the skirt and I like your outfit too!

Amy Jo said...

That is "wedding hair"; hope she keeps the curls! You made leggings out of old tee shirts? huh....I wonder if I'll find how you did that if I keep reading. My daughter is one and right now is a hard time to be crawling around on the grass. I feel so bad for her naked knees!