February 21, 2008

Weekend in New York

You guys. We have been so ridiculously sick this week! I mean, we get the flu shot every year and everything, but I get this year all three of us lost the "this only works for the virus strain we're making an educated guess about" lottery. So yeah, no new pics, since I'm not sure how photogenic we are huddled around the couch watching movies in a feverish stupor.


Last weekend we were reasonably healthy in New York! Totally great time - and it was Misha's birthday! We had a lovely brunch with the fam after a night of grandma babysitting and us going out to adult dinner. Totally freakin' awesome.

Aunt Alexis got me some totally amazing vintage buttons. "My buttons! My buttons for playing! I wanna play wi' buttons for me!" said Lara, and proceeded to dump them in and out of various containers. I tried to get her to sort by color, but she's not a sorter.

Lara among her adoring fans.

Lara in some shrubs. It was 65 degrees here this past weekend! Today? 27.


cyndyava said...

So sorry y'all are under the weather. It's going around. My little Josette spent five days at home with a high fever, runny nose, cough...the works. It must have tackled the east coast pretty hard!
BTW, that apartment is beeeeeeautiful! Oh, the art had me gawking terribly! If that is where your husband grew-up, I am so,so jealous! I am from NYC, too...When I had my daughter, we made the exodus to one of the outer,outer boroughs.
Feel Better!

tinymango! said...

can you believe the ups and downs in weather on the east coast? monday it peaked at a little over 70 here, in virginia, and last night it snowed like a banshee.

anyhow, i actually discovered your blog through the makeblog DIY childrens' kitchen entry which i am aware is rather dated. however, my friend just shared it with me the other day and i was so impressed with the little kitchen that i posted about it in my little blog today. heh. hope you dont mind!

cheers, keep on surviving through the cold!