February 23, 2008

Snowy Snowy Day

Yesterday was probably only the second time Lara has seen snow in real life. That doesn't stop the imagination though.

At home, getting ready for school:

Lara is prancing about in her Jessie Cowgirl hat from Halloween (the obsession still continues).
Misha: Ok, let's put your sweater on.
Lara: No, Jessie Cowgirl hat please!
Misha: But it's cold outside!
Lara: That's why I need my Jessie Cowgirl hat!

Later, driving to school:

Lara: Daddy, kiss my hand!
Misha: Why, what's wrong?
Lara: It's hurting me.
Misha: Which part?
Lara: Here, on the side.
Misha: How did you hurt it?
Lara: I fell in the snow!

As if my small cautious one would ever actually be doing anything dangerous enough to fall in the snow. She very very gingerly ventures the toe of one shoe onto snow and picks it back up. "Look, footpint!"

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