January 9, 2008

Two goodies from Soho

Last Saturday, when my mom was here, we drove up to New York, left Lara with her other grandma, and bummed around Soho in the unseasonably delicious sunshine. Have you ever been there on a Saturday? I highly recommend. Lots and lots of independent artists and craftspeople come and set up stands all along East Broadway and on the side streets that cross it. You can find unbelievably talented people selling beautiful, unique things. For instance, we found this necklace:

Porcelain and Glass Necklace from Soho

Isn't it amazing? The artist, whose name I didn't catch and who didn't have cards sadly, told us that she makes these pendants by baking porcelain and glass together in her kiln. We had a hard time picking what to get - she has so many different, beautiful pieces of jewelry. Go catch her - she was right on Spring Street, just off of East Broadway.

Also, I bought this giclee print, called "Complete Family":

"Complete Family" by Olegi Osepaishvili (Osepa)

Ostensibly this is Misha's birthday present, but let's face it - it's really a present for me as well. The print is by artist Olegi Osepaishvili, a Georgian painter who told us that he used to show in a gallery but now mostly sells giclee prints of his work (lucky me!). Incidentally, Lara loves this painting. She came up to it when I hung it up and said, "that's a mommy and a daddy", then pointing to the girl in a white shift, "that's a kid!" and then to the boy in the gray wool sweater, "and that's Yawee!"


Also, thanks you so much everyone who wrote back to educate me on what bok choi is! You know what always amazes me? All the food that I don't recognize? I've actually eaten most of it. I've just never actually seen what it looks like raw. Anyway, to keep sharpening those veggie skills I'm going to post a few more mystery vegetables tomorrow. You guys are the best!


And also, I just saw that my friend Jay tagged me with a little blessing of community and connection. I have loved my online life, in its various incarnations, particularly because of the "I'm not alone!" feeling it frequently brings. Thank you Jay, and thank you everyone out there for the bonds we forge daily despite distance and difference.

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Riana Lagarde said...

beautiful works of art! we will be in new york next month and will have to go to soho and check it out. hope that the weather holds up for us too.

i blogged about your book with lots of linky love. your arts and crafts are stellar.

all the best,