January 13, 2008

"Mushoom soup!"

Cream of mushroom soup

So when my mom was here, she, Lara, and I ate at California Cafe a couple of days, and discovered that Lara loves - nay, LOVES - their cream of mushroom soup. This was pretty shocking. She has become pretty picky about what she will eat, and has gone from a baby who would eagerly try anything, and like to eat most things, to categorically refusing to try anything new at all. But this soup? "Res'tant! More mushoom soup, pweeze! Yummy mushoom soup! Yay mushoom soup!" accompanied by fierce clapping. Seriously, this was above and beyond the cream of wheat video. So of course, I think to myself, I should make some at home! How hard can it be? Um. Yes. Famous last words. It takes an hour and a half hands-on time, and you have to saute everything before you put it in the soup. Still, there it is, my homemade cream of mushroom soup. Lara's response? "I am not like it! I am not like it! It's yucky yucky yucky!" Oh well.

(I quite like it by the way, but then again, I do tend to like my own cooking :)


Shermanim said...

How funny! Isn't that so typical of toddlers!

mwg said...

..And I DO like it, so there! and still I wish I were there to hear "I am not like it" :)