December 8, 2007

Aquarium Day

You know how sometimes, even if you had a fantastic morning of going to the Aquarium where you saw the most unbelievably colorful exotic fish and sharks and turtles and hippos, and jumped around the whole place with unbridled delight, and pet a jellyfish and almost pet a tiny turtle, and then talked all day about how the "hippo looked at Wawee and Mama and Da-ee and fishies and shahk moosium and Mama and Da-ee and Wawee!", and instantly wanted to read the shark sticker book as soon as you got home, you wake up from a nap and feel groggy and sort of out of sorts? Doesn't it feel kind of like this?

december 8 - 1

But of course you know it won't last for long. Soon enough you'll be marveling at the giant cranes and construction site elevators soaring up into what passes for skyscrapers in Philadelphia...

december 8 - 2

... and giving Eskimo kissies to the Daddy you were crankily whining at only minutes before.

december 8 - 3

The on to the turtle park playground where you will name the big turtle "Wawee" and the tiny turtle "Mama" and then the medium turtle also "Wawee"...

december 8 - 4

... and Mommy will swing you around and around till you squeal "Wee! Carasel! Carasel!"

december 8 - 5

And a day happily started will end with joy.


mwg said...

!!!! :):):) A delightful day and delightful pictures.

*Sarah* said...

The eskimo kisses picture may be the cutest picture I have ever seen. My god she is darling!!!!!!!!

Tigermom said...

I feel so at home looking at your neighborhood pictures! Once I was at the Turtle park with the kids and the artist came over to talk to me. He sculpted them to memorialize his wife with whom he had two kids. His wife died and she had always loved taking the kids to that park. And voila, a momma and two kids as turtles.