November 8, 2007

Purple Fuzzy Elf Hat

I made one for Lara:

purple fuzzy elf hat

It's the first hat that she'll wear without us tying it onto her head! I think it's because of my brilliant design, of course - covering the ears without obstructing vision. You can see more of the shape in the blurry-toddler-escaping-camera side view:

purple fuzzy elf hat

I think I might have to make one for myself - and if any of you would like one too, here is the pattern:

purple fuzzy elf hat (pattern)

I made this out of a fleecy sweater Lara had as a baby, partly because it was so soft, and partly because the knit material didn't need seams. In general, I'd highly recommend a stretchy knit for this, based on the way it lies on the head. Mostly I'm just excited to find a way to keep her head warm without having to do battle every time we leave the house.

1 comment:

mwg said...

You are a genius! This IS the cutest hat - I loved it!!! .... and, OF COURSE, I loved everything else... and you!