November 16, 2007

The Pledge

It's our second year in a row of the handmade pledge - basically, a promise to only buy handmade good for presents for the holidays. I'm taking that to mean, "make as much as you can yourself, buy the rest handmade, but if you should happen to have any to-be-gifted items remaining from holidays where they didn't get given, that's ok too."

In that spirit, and in the spirit of upcycling, I covered one of Misha's industry freebie notebooks (black and maroon faux pleather cover, gold lettering - yeesh!) with some paper, fabric, and pieces of the April 9, 1937 edition of the New York Times that I found in a Saugerties junk shop. Sample headline: "'Strip Tease' Held Indecent by Court: Burlesque Owner and Manager Quickly Found Guilty After 5 Hours of Testimony."

Covered notebook

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