October 28, 2007

Little Kitchen Update

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! They are making my day, every time I read them. I really am overwhelmed with the flattery. And thank you to the Parent Hacks blog for including the kitchen in last week's link list and to the Daddy Types blog for writing it up.

I am as we speak drawing up plans for the construction of this kitchen and will post when they will be available from my Etsy. Should be sometime in the next few days. It was really a thrill to give Lara such a addition to her playspace - I think it would be a fantastic thing to build for a holiday present.


vickie2005 said...

You are brilliant!! I am looking forward to the plans--I'd been trying to figure out how to make a kitchen from the diaper boxes we have.

adrienne said...


Have you seen the newest link?



Fe said...

I'm hosting a Toymaking Fair early next week (at my _real_ blog!)

I found your cardboard kitchen when searching for kitchens, and would love to include a link to it in the Fair. Would you mind?

I'm sure lots of others would also be inspired by it!

Fe said...

Thanks for your reply:-)

Expect to see a link over the weekend:-)