October 31, 2007

Jessie Cowgirl!

Jesse Cowgirl Costume (2)

Happy Halloween everyone! Today I experienced the total cuteness overload that is Halloween at Lara's daycare - a sea of tiny kids dressed in adorable-adorable tiny outfits, standing blank-faced and confused amidst a chaos of adults with cameras, adults with candy, adults with unyielding happy smiles, and adults in costumes. It was the best.

Lara's costume was tough. She doesn't really get Halloween as a concept yet, and is at the same time fairly adept at taking off her clothes - thus, she can't really be expected to suffer for the sake of a really great costume idea, nor can she be compelled to do so. So we needed to come up with something that would in general be "normal" clothing that wouldn't be too annoying to wear all day, but also should be a fun thing she could recognize. Thank goodness for Toy Story 2 - one of Lara's three favorite movies (Toy Story 1 & Monsters, Inc. - can you see the Pixar theme? These are the only things I can watch on endless repeat and not go crazy). So Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl it was!

Jesse Cowgirl (movie images)

Jesse Cowgirl Costume (1)

All handmade and handsewn from scratch except the white shirt base. The belt buckle is made out of a Photoshopped and printed out picture of a bull, cardboard, and Mod Podge. The buttons are fabric-covered cardboard circles. The hat - oh, the hat! - is made of two pieces of felt, some ribbon, and yarn.

Jesse Cowgirl Costume (3)

I might secretly be a milliner. I'll be honest, I'm pretty damn proud of that hat. Thank you so much, Lara, for actually wearing it!

Jesse Cowgirl Costume (4)