September 27, 2007

Mr. Forty-two Roads on Language

I feel remiss every time Anna posts a blog entry and I don't participate in it at all (yes, I feel remiss often, although usually I've helped with photography at the very least). Plus, while there may be readers out there who are following our family's en-green-ment with glee, I am venturing a guess that many more are following Lara with glee.

Therefore, I'm going to present a few new words and phrases that have amused me this week (spelled roughly phonetically):
"Pacicer" (wailed plaintively in the dark of the night, should her pacifier fall out of her crib... the word is cute, the attachment is less-so. This was really only a problem while she was sick, and she hasn't woken up since that week crying for it. However, every night that week, around 2am, we would hear... "pacicer.... paaaaaaciceeer, paaaaaaaaaaaciceerrrrrrrrr" moaned repetitively until her pacifier was retrieved)

"Onasus" (Hippo comes out easily, and is perhaps aided by the fact that Lara still has a hippo on a mobile above her changing table. "Hippo butt!" "Hippo poop!" "Kiss hippo!" are all common... Sad Rhinoceri (rhinoceruses? rhinos?) were only recently named, however... but their name is way cuter, so I suppose they're making up some ground. Speaking of animals, some other favorites of mine are "cwab" [crab], "mos-stuhs" [monsters... yes, not an animal, I know, but it fits], "whoah" [whale, said in a deep husky voice for some reason], "Uhh-fie" [butterfly], "Ey-bug" [ladybug], and 'elephant,' which Lara pronounces in an adorable way that I honestly can't figure out how to write out in any form. But it's cute.)

"Bicasil" (Anna swears she's heard bicycle said correctly. I've only heard the ever-amusing "Man bicasil!" shout as we are passed by, yes, a man on a bicycle)

However, while individual words are cute, it's the putting together of phrases and entire concepts that's just the best to see (hear, I guess). However, it does make it that much harder to say goodbye in the morning. This week Lara whipped out the following, seeing me in scrubs on my way out the door:
"Gasses off! Wook shut off... stay-ome!" [glasses off, work shirt off, stay home!]

Oh boy, that was very cute. Very very hard to say good bye to, too. For me, anyway. That hookie-request of hers was followed by a quick "bye bye!" as she scurried off to play with something, while I was trying to figure out a way to explain the concept of why Daddy has to leave for work. She didn't seem too bothered.

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mwg said...

Your postings are always great additions - thank you! - super fun. Now we need to catch the little "mos-stuh" doing it on film. I bet you this will immediately become her favorite movie (O.K. I confess, MY favorite movie).